Self-Performed Work

Best-in-class workforce.

Wise Construction maintains a staff of carpenters and laborers, many of whom have been with the company for years.  As a result, Wise can self-perform aspects of projects, including demolition, general carpentry, installation of doors, millwork and drywall and owner requested items when preferable or necessary.

Self-performing this type of work offers several benefits to our clients: 

  • Quality Control:  Our carpenters and laborers understand  the level of quality that our superintendents expect on their projects and know how to deliver.   
  • Safety:  Our superintendents conduct safety training with the carpenters and laborers before commencing construction on every project, and then again every Friday morning for the duration of the project.  As a result, our carpenters and laborers have received extensive safety training and fully appreciate the importance of adhering to the strict safety guidelines.  
  • Responsiveness:  Should an unexpected situation arise, Wise can mobilize faster than a subcontractor to respond.  This ability to respond has proven helpful in meeting scheduling goals. 
  • During the bid process, we will compare the cost/schedule benefits of self-performing versus contracting outside vendors.  We will work with the project team to determine the best option for your project.