Occupied Space Expertise


At Wise, safety is the top priority. Working almost exclusively (95% of projects) in occupied spaces, we understand safety becomes even more critical in these sensitive areas. Best practices and technologies help us achieve our goal of having safe work sites, but it’s the people on our projects who keep them safe.

All our project superintendents have OSHA 30-Hour Safety training and conduct site safety inspections daily. We emphasize ongoing safety training for all of our employees and regularly update our comprehensive Safety Manual to include new learning.

We also host weekly “Tool Box” talks on specific safety issues, quarterly staff training and an annual safety roundtable. And, we pretest safety measures on site, before actually starting any work.

Proactively Addressing Issues
From appropriate body protection to electrical and structural stability safety measures, we manage your project so you can rest easy knowing the site is safe and secure. We also incorporate the latest safety monitoring technology using real-time data from the field to identify risks and address them before mishaps can occur.

That’s how we’ve achieved one of the lowest risk ratings in the industry. And it’s one of the reasons why ConstructSecure, Harvard’s Contractor Safety Program, awarded Wise Construction its highest Platinum Award for safety.