Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Vaccine Business Unit Relocation

Takeda Pharmaceutical’s Vaccine Business Unit (VBU) is responsible for researching and developing vaccines for some of the world’s most challenging health problems that vaccines do not currently exist, such as dengue and the norovirus. When Takeda decided to consolidate the Montana, Wisconsin, and Colorado VBU sites to one global hub, Boston made the most sense for both efficiency and quality. Because so many employees were relocating, the 80,000 SF fitout needed to be completed as quickly as possible, in just 6 months, with the third floor being completed and occupied in just 4.  The space consisted of three-floors of mixed office, wet labs, biology labs, and analytical labs, along with support areas, such as shipping, receiving, a fully rated H1 room with specialized chemical pit, chemical storage space, locker rooms, and break areas. Wise used our experience with phasing logistics, and worked to break the project down first by floor, then breaking each floor into quadrants. This allowed for a cohesive workflow where multiple subcontractors could work together at once, completing work in one area, the moving to the next. To help meet scheduling goals, all the subcontractors were challenged to pre-manufacture materials, such as piping racks, offsite, allowing for faster installation. Wise also leveraged our experience with BIM, working off a point-cloud to map all above the ceiling utilities to ensure everything could fit in the space before installation. Currently, floor three is finished and occupied, and the entire project is set to be completed by November 2016.