Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research

700 Main Street

Wise was hired to complete a multi-phased, 75,000 renovation for Novartis at 700 Main Street, Cambridge. The project was executed in a three phase approach. Phase one consisted of demolition and renovation of office, conference, lobby, and cafe space. Phases two and three consisted of additional office and conference rooms, a vivarium, and several laboratories, including a Mass Spectrometer Lab, BL2 Lab, freezer farm, tissue culture rooms and several equipment rooms. Other past work at Novartis includes the expansion of the LAS animal quarantine facility, several vivariums, modifications to an existing chemistry lab to create a nontraditional scaleup lab, renovations to 400& 500 Tech Square, Pathway laboratory renovations, and renovations to the Big Yellow Arm Robotics Lab. Additionally, Wise has worked on preconstruction and construction services of a 20,000 SF Imuno Oncology Lab and an 8,000 SF Vivarium. The building required new infrastructure and MEP systems, and all work took place throughout occupied areas.