Harvard University

William James Hall Psychology Fit Out

William James Hall, built in 1963, is the only university building designed by renowned 20th century architect Minuoru Yamasaki, designer of the original World Trade Towers. The 10th Floor of William James Hall was reworked to provide laboratory, office and teaching space for three Psychology Professors. Comprising roughly 8,500 sf, the design combines state of the art technology with a focus on the historical importance of the building. Walking onto the floor from the elevators, one can view the skyline of Boston directly, through the community spaces of the renovation and the ribbon windows beyond, recapturing Yamasaki’s vision of an unobstructed view. Certified LEED Gold, the project utilizes sustainable technologies for its systems. Chilled beams provide quiet heating and cooling, and LED lighting lower power usage and operating costs. Over 90 percent of the occupied spaces have natural light, and large expanses of translucent glass bring daylight into the hallways.