Boston Medical Center

Phlebotomy, Pediatric & Radiology

Wise Construction was chosen to construct a new location for Boston Medical Center’s phlebotomy, pediatric and radiology departments. Specifically, we were tasked to construct a new pediatric radiology suite, including blood draws, ultrasound rooms, changing rooms, patient rooms and even play areas for their younger patients.

It was vitally important to phase all the construction and moves required for this project, in addition to building temporary entrances and spaces that would be used to keep core radiology rooms running at all times without disruption.

One of the more intricate pieces of the renovation included the installation of specialty lead-lined glass used to separate control rooms from x-ray suites.

And thanks to our training and experience working in and around radiology departments and patients, we were able to effectively provide containment and coordination for phased abatement of hazardous materials, install a pneumatic tube system for blood samples to the lab, and add new HEPA filtration for the waiting area.