Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

General Medicine

From a full range of specialists to primary care practices, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s General Medicine offers a variety of services to meet their patients’ needs. Wise was brought on to renovate the existing General Medicine department, combining two separate spaces into one cohesive department over multiple phases. The new space is much more open and bright incorporating glass walls between the conference rooms, offices and new cafe to capitalize on the natural light. The renovations took place adjacent to the ambulance entrance and the ambulatory corridor had to remain operational at all times. Wise used New Abatement Technology wall systems to close off the job site from the corridor ensuring stringent containment and operational access. The second phase of construction was adjacent to a surgical suite which made for challenges with loading and unloading job site materials. To get around this challenge Wise installed a temporary exterior entrance to the job site so that materials could be brought in and out without having to pass through the active hospital. Additionally, the project required a complete electrical redesign to accommodate future tenant expansion. Upgrades to the electrical system were made throughout the renovation in active patient areas and required close coordination with other departments and the BIDMC staff to ensure that there was no disruption to patient care.