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Blog / July 15, 2021

EXPANDING MODEL ACCESS FOR BETTER COLLABORATION: How Revizto Helped Wise Fast Track a Complex Lab Retrofit

The Wise team recently completed retrofitting a 62,000 SF biotech/pharmaceutical lab in New England over a span of 30 weeks and 50,000 man-hours.

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Blog / June 7, 2021

Disrupting the Disruption: How Wise Construction is Mitigating Supply Chain Challenges

The tightening of supply chains across multiple industries has run rampant over the past year.

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Blog / May 11, 2021

People, Projects, and the Pandemic: What COVID Reveals About Company Culture

It’s spring and the air is full of renewal and optimism.

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Blog / February 4, 2021

Complex Projects, Wise Solutions

Building an existing compounding pharmacy is no easy task - doing so within an active Oncology department while keeping the pharmacy open makes for a challenging project.

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Blog / December 18, 2020

Building Value on an Expanding Campus

Wise Construction recently completed a 25,000 SF student and faculty space for  Massachusetts General Hospital’s Institute of Health Professions (MGH IHP) campus in Charlestown, MA.

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