For over 30 years, Wise has been privileged to work with many top healthcare institutions. 

We’ve operated as an almost invisible presence among patients, healthcare providers, researchers and visitors, never allowing the level of care, research or ongoing operations to be compromised.

How do we accomplish this?

  • We have an overwhelming percentage of our staff (including non-healthcare project managers) who are ASHE-Certified
  • We have experts in infection and dust control who can handle containment issues on projects
  • We leverage our experience with phased projects in occupied spaces
  • We work around your schedule, instead of you working around ours
  • We employ Interim Life Safety Measures during construction to eliminate risks and hazards

Healthcare projects include:

  • Radiology, CT, MRI and cardiac care suites 
  • Oncology centers and ambulatory care facilities 
  • Pediatric and maternity departments
  • Patient and operating rooms
  • Emergency departments, surgical suites and clinical spaces
  • Endoscopy and exam rooms
  • Teaching and simulation facilities
  • Pharmacy, medical office space, food service and lobbies
  • Mechanical upgrades and utility plant renovations